You’re invited…..   
Sugar Fix is throwing a party.  A “white party,”  but probably not the P. Diddy (is that still what he’s going by?) Hamptons-style party you might be imagining.  The Hamptons sound great, but we’ve gotta work with what we have, and that’s the ability to create beautifully white smiles. Hence the “white party.”
Here’s why.  Our Philips ZOOM whitening light just got a major upgrade and we decided that was something to celebrate.  Especially after we saw the amazing results it was producing.  Check it out (below).
This upgrade includes all sorts of improvements, like better results, less sensitivity, and an all-around better experience.  Party time!
what:  1st annual Sugar Fix dental loft white party
where:  our loft, 3346 n. Paulina (remember to check in on Facebook when you arrive)
when: all of August 2013
rsvp: contact us to make a reservation
So, how is Sugar Fix going to show up Diddy?  Simple.  Our party is for all of August.  Only true ballers throw month-long parties.  Swag?  We’ll send you on your way with something sweet and white (duh) from us to you.  And finally…wait for it…since we’re so hip, all you gotta do is hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with the hashtag #sugarfixwhiteparty and we’ll give you a 20% insider courtesy (it’s all about who you know).  And since we’re throwing down hard, we’ll also make your custom take-home whitening trays and provide you with professional maintenance gel to keep the party going.
What are you waiting for?!  Get after it.  Contact Chicago cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jessica Emery and the team at Sugar Fix today to rsvp and get your “white on!”
*disclaimer – You don’t actually have to wear white to your visit.  Your smile will suffice.