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    White Spots On Teeth Are A Thing Of The Past!

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    You’re a brusher, you’re a flosser, and you even whiten those pearls! But for some reason, you have these darn white spots on your teeth. What are they exactly? Where do they come from? And the main question is, how do I get rid of them?! Where It All Began There are a few names […]

    National Doughnut Day, Sugar Fix Style!

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    National Doughnut Day? That sure makes the Sugar Fix Squad smile! We got our sugar fix this morning when the girls of Sugar Fix Dental Loft indulged in some tasty Dinkel’s doughnuts. That’s a treat we’re always up for! But always one thing to remember is to brush right after. That sugar can bury itself […]

    It’s Wedding Season In The City!

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    I think our summer weather has FINALLY arrived! The sun is shining, people are smiling, it’s going to be an amazing summer in our gorgeous city! And do you know what else that means? LOVE is in the air! Yes, wedding season has arrived for us. You have everything all aligned – your flowers, your […]

    Restorative Smiles and New Faces At Sugar Fix!

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    It’s our favorite day of the week! The city has had some rainy weather, but the sun will come soon enough! Dr. Jessica Emery is back from have a creative session in Florida and she was ready to rock and roll! Here at The Loft, it has been an AMAZING filled week with some great […]

    Dental Travel Tips From Sugar Fix!

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    Summer is coming, even though the weather in Chicago has been hit or miss lately! With the nicer weather and the kids coming out of school we’re all planning upcoming trips. Whether you’re traveling close to home or far, far away, keeping up with your dental routine while you’re away is still super important. Maintaining […]

    Is It Summer in Lakeview? We Hope So!

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    Hello FRI-YAY! We have had some AMAZING weather here in the city this past week. It seems summer in Lakeview is right around the corner! But then again, we live in the Midwest, so of course, it dropped a tad for this weekend. Unlike the weather currently outside, we were on FIRE this week here […]

    Sugar Fix Dental // Dental Implant

    What Are Dental Implants?

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    Dental implants are one of the most reliable options when it comes to tooth replacement. However, because dental implants are, well, implanted into the gum tissue and the jawbone, many are concerned about its reliability and just how safe the actual procedure is in terms of being successful. You can be reassured that dental implant surgery […]

    sugar fix dental loft//spring time

    Spring Time In Lakeview With Sugar Fix!

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    It’s spring time in Lakeview!  Here’s what we at Sugar Fix Dental Loft have been up to! We had an AMAZING transformation be completed this week.  AHHHH-MAAAZ- ING!!!!!   One of our patients arrived at The Loft 8 months ago for a consultation on how to improve his smile. He had large amounts of spacing, […]

    CEREC Crowns Introduction

    CEREC crowns are so popular today!

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    At Sugar Fix Dental Loft, we know first hand that dentistry develops cutting edge innovations and developments often. A recent development in dentistry is the CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) technology, which has been growing more popular in Chicago! Today we’re taking a brief look at the reasons behind many patients looking for and talking about CEREC crowns. Quick Benefits […]

    Benefits of Invisalign

    Learn the Benefits of Invisalign

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    Are you looking for an effective yet discreet solution for straightening your teeth in Chicago? It might be time to talk with Dr. Jessica Emery to learn about the benefits of Invisalign. We talk to patients often that would love to have straighter teeth. Patients are self-conscious about crooked teeth or an overbite, but even more […]