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a different kind of dentistry

Want a better dentist in Chicago?

Ask more from your dentist. Is going to the dentist a scary, daunting experience for you? If so, you might consider a new dentist. Sugar Fix Dental Loft offers you a cool atmosphere, modern technology, pain and anxiety management, and single-visit work that saves you time and money. When you come here, you will likely find going to the dentist is not just easy, it's fun.


dr. emery LOVES teeth

In fact, she loves creating and designing smiles so much that she is always thinking about teeth; teeth are truly her passion.

Dr. Jessica Emery practices cosmetic dentistry, which emphasizes the whole picture to ensure a patient's teeth look good, feel great, and function like natural teeth. One of her favorite sayings to patients is, "I can make you love your smile!"


Expert Care + Service

relax knowing we will take care of everything

Whether you're interested in Invisalign, Sedation, or Crowns (maybe you don't know even know what you need!), we're here to help you love your smile - and even have a bit of fun on the way!


‘‘You are all warm, friendly, funny, and you make going to the dentist nothing like going to the dentist! I wouldn't go anywhere else!"

Jennifer C.

‘‘Coming to Sugar Loft is like visiting with wonderful friends who just happen to be working on your teeth. :-)"

Carol M.

‘‘I love Dr. Emery and her staff at Sugar Fix. What an amazing practice!"

Leigh A.

‘‘All around fantastic care... I would recommend Sugar Fix to anyone looking to receive great care!"

Meg C.

‘‘Sugar Fix is by far the best experience that I have ever had at a dentist's office and I make sure that all of my friends and family are fully aware of this fact."

Christopher C.

‘‘I have enjoyed being welcomed and treated like a friend of the best dental office in Lakeview!"

Brian F.

‘‘Outstanding, personable and knowledgeable staff, relaxing environment, and great technology."

Tim P.

‘‘Best dental office I've been to! I've been a loyal patient for almost five years!"

Anna J.

‘‘Dr. Emery is so friendly, supportive and above all, the best dentist I've ever had."

Emily M.

Finally, the smile you've always wanted!

imagine your own fabulous smile transformation


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Meet Dr. Emery's daughters, Morgan & Paige


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most work is done in a single visit

Save your time - and money!


Traditional dentists might take 2-4 visits to do a crown. In our office, we can do this not only in a single visit, but in a matter of hours!

No nasty, slimy impressions. We can make a perfect, digital 3D model of your teeth in seconds, and print (mill) new permanent crowns that fit perfectly!

Dr. Jessica Emery and her team work tirelessly to go above and beyond your expectations. Sit back. Relax. Watch a movie. We’ll take care of the rest!

If you are considering cosmetic dentistry in the Chicago area, please contact us and make a reservation with Dr. Emery.


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