Meet  Dr. Emery

owner of sugar fix dental loft

Dr. Jessica T. Emery is the owner of Sugar Fix Dental Loft, located in Chicago. She has a true passion for helping people achieve smiles they love.

One of Dr. Emery's favorite sayings to patients is "you will love your smile!"

Dentist in Chicago

Watch as Dr. Emery introduces Sugar Fix Dental Loft (which she charmingly refers to as her 4th baby)

What sets Dr. Emery apart?

  • Lifelong Education

    Dr. Emery was raised by a dentist! After receiving her undergraduate degree in Pennsylvania, she assisted her mother for a year.

    After getting a taste of the dentistry world (AKA falling in love with it), Dr. Emery enrolled in dental hygiene school and graduated from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, and is now a second generation dentist.

  • Genuine Care

    Dr. Emery’s husband also played a significant role in helping her follow her dream of opening a dental practice. Together, they have three young children. Because of this, Dr. Emery has a strong sense of family, and cares for her patients as though they are part of her own family.

    She's invested in taking care of the health and aesthetics of people's smiles to enhance their quality of life.

  • One Patient at a Time

    Patients at our dental loft appreciate Dr. Emery sees only one patient at a time. She is focused only on you and spends extra time to ensure your comfort and dental needs are being met.

    This method has proven to give patients more attention and individualized care, and treatments can be performed immediately to protect and preserve teeth.

  • Unrivaled Passion

    Dr. Emery’s world revolves around teeth and smiling.

    You can take one glance at Dr. Emery's social media and see how she lives her life with a mission to bring more smiles into the world. She is passionate about your comfort, convenience, and personally ensures you get the best results.


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