you can get a new crown in the length of a movie

Get your Crown in Chicago - in one day!

At Sugar Fix, we offer a Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD-CAM) technology to make the process easy and convenient. There's no need to wear a temporary and wait two weeks for your permanent crown. Have your crown made and placed in a single appointment - just enough time to watch a movie!

Watch as Dr. Emery explains CAD-CAM Technology

what are the benefits of cad-cam?

  • Convenience:
    CAD/CAM technology allows us to take digital impressions, and design and place a customized, permanent restoration in just one appointment.
  • Comfort:
    Unlike traditional impression trays, which use gooey gels, digital impressions are quick, clean, and comfortable.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics:
    We use only the highest quality materials to craft our restorations and porcelain can be matched to the color of your natural teeth.
  • Improved Fit:
    Because the system offers a high degree of control over the manufacturing process from start to finish, our restorations are precisely crafted to fit comfortably and naturally with your bite.

It's time to get a modern dentist

You wouldn't use a computer from 1980, or even a mobile phone from 10 years ago. Now ask yourself: Do you have an old-fashioned dentist who does dentistry the same way they did 40 years ago?

Let's say you need a crown. 95% of the dentists out there do it the old-fashioned way: You need to come in for at least two office visits and must wear a temporary that likely causes discomfort. You'll wear this temporary for about two weeks while your permanent crown gets made in a lab - and it may not even fit right correctly when it arrives.

At Sugar Fix, we've made the investment in technology that mills a perfect permanent crown that is not only done in a single visit, but usually in less than two hours! No need for molds, discomfort, or waiting.

The best part is: It costs about the same. Factor in the cost of your time when you do things the old-fashioned way (taking time off work, driving to and from the dentist, etc.), and it's actually less expensive.


curious about cad-cam? do you have questions?


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we save you time

Most work is done in a single visit!

Traditional dentists might take 2-4 visits to do a crown. At Sugar Fix Dental Loft, we can do this not only in a single visit, but in a matter of hours!

No slimy impressions. We make a perfect, digital 3D model of your teeth in seconds, and mill new permanent crowns to fit perfectly that day! Sit back. Relax. Watch a movie. We’ll take care of the rest!