Sugar Fix Dental Loft is delighted to announce the return of Dr. Jessica Emery.  Dr. Emery was out on maternity leave following the birth of her third child, Blake Andrew Emery.  To celebrate Dr. Emery's return and the changing of the seasons, Sugar Fix Dental Loft is offering ZOOM II Advanced Power In-Office Professional Tooth Whitening to it's guests at promotional rate.  The package will also include complimentary custom take home whitening trays and professional whitening gel

Why it's a great time to whiten your smile – Spring is a common time for rejuvenation.  The flowers are in bloom, the Cubs are given a clean slate and everyone feels generally happy to have survived the Chicago Winter.  This is always apparent when you head down to the lake for a jog on one of the first warm days of the season.  Everyone wants to look and feel better, and one of the easiest ways to enhance your Spring 'look' is by whitening your teeth. 

The ZOOM II Whitening procedure is simple.  You will first need to visit our office for a quick evaluation to ensure that you are a good candidate.  It's always a good idea to have your teeth professionally cleaned prior to the procedure.  Once we confirm that ZOOM Whitening will work for you, we take impressions of your teeth to fabricate your custom take home trays, and give you special toothpaste to begin using before the procedure to reduce the temporary sensitivity that can sometimes be associated with with ZOOM Whitening.

Once your custom trays are ready (usually in about two weeks), we will have your return for the actual treatment.  This visit takes about 90 minutes time.  Treatment consists of three 15 minute sessions under the ZOOM Whitening lamp with the ZOOM II Whitening Gel on your teeth.  The additional time is spent preparing your mouth for treatment and answering any questions you might have.  After you've completed all three sessions, we will apply a concentrated fluoride treatment to neutralize your teeth, and remove the cheek retractors and dressings that are placed to help you stay open during the procedure.  Once you're all cleaned up, we will deliver your custom whitening trays with instructions for at home use. 

After your in-office visit, you will continue to use the sensitivity toothpaste and we will request that you avoid any foods that will stain your teeth for 48hrs following treatment.  In some cases we will recommend immediate use of your custom trays to further enhance your results, but most of our guests achieve exceptional results with the in-office treatment alone.  The custom trays will then be used to maintain your initial results.  The best time for maintenance is after your 6month cleaning and check-up, when we have removed all of the tartar and plaque from the surfaces of your teeth.

So what are you waiting for?  Put a little Spring in your smile!  Contact us today and mention the, welcome back Dr. Emery whitening promotion, to rejuvenate your smile.