Woman lying down in a state of sedation

Chicago, IL – It has been estimated that between 30 million and 40 million Americans avoid visiting the dentist out of fear and anxiety, with many opting to live with tooth and gum pain rather than undergo dental work.  In response to this, Dr. Brittany Dickinson of Sugar Fix Dental Loft is reaching out to Chicago residents with moderate to severe dental phobia in an attempt to convince them that modern dentistry is nothing to fear.

“These days, most dental procedures are more or less pain-free, depending on the technology used and the experience and skill of the dentist,” claims Dr. Dickinson.  “In most cases, patients feel little if any discomfort, especially in a practice like ours where the entire focus is on making the dental experience a pleasant one.”

Dr. Emery is quick to add that, for many people struggling with dental phobia, the promise of pain-free dentistry and a warm, inviting office environment may not be enough to convince them to get the dental work they need.  It is with these prospective patients in mind that Sugar Fix Dental Loft offers sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry can take several possible forms; however, Dr. Dickinson prefers oral conscious sedation for its safety and overall effectiveness.  With oral conscious sedation, patients take a pill roughly an hour before their scheduled procedure.  Once the sedative takes effect, patients remain conscious and able to respond to prompts but are otherwise largely unaware of their surroundings or the treatment being performed.  They emerge from their state of sedation feeling relaxed and refreshed, with virtually no memory of their appointment.

“Time flies by when you’re under sedation,” Dr. Dickinson states.  “A treatment may take an hour or two, but to the patient, it feels like only a few minutes.”

Although Dr. Dickinson hopes that an increasing number of people with dental phobia will come forward in response to her outreach, she emphasizes that sedation dentistry is a good option for anyone who wants to drift pleasantly through their appointment.

“You have to be in good basic health, and there are a few other criteria for candidacy, but it’s a great option for most patients.  It doesn’t matter whether they’re undergoing complex restorative dental work or cosmetic dentistry treatments such as porcelain veneers or gum contouring.  In many cases, we can even perform multiple procedures as part of a comprehensive smile makeover in just one or two visits thanks to sedation dentistry.”

In addition, the Sugar Fix team includes practice manager Amy DeLassus and clinical assistant Laney Judson.

Further information about sedation dentistry and coping with dental anxiety can be obtained by emailing the Chicago cosmetic dentistry practice or by calling (773) 883-1818. Sugar Fix Dental Loft is located at 3346 N Paulina St., Chicago, IL 60657-1038.