Everyone loves a big beautiful smile but sometimes when a lip line is too high or teeth are too short we see a little more gum then we would like. In general, ideal is to see 90-100% of the upper front teeth when the patient smiles, but no more than 1-2mm of gums above the teeth.

There are several options to consider when addressing a “gummy smile”, some of which can be addressed by a cosmetic dentist and some that will need to be addressed by a plastic surgeon.

We often prescribe treatment options such as Invisalign, tissue re contouring, porcelain veneers and sometimes a combination of the three. When then correction is simply out of our scope we will refer our patients to Dr. Julius Few at The Few Institute For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for further consult on treatment options. Dr. Few is also our go to resource for clients who desire further aesthetic improvements that we do not offer.

“Gummy smiles” are an easy fix. No if’s, and’s or gums about it!