This may sound silly, but I seriously cannot tell you how frequently we talk about “smile crushes” around here.  By the way, I just googled “smile crush” and I’m pretty sure we’re the first to use this term.  That being said, allow me to define.  A “smile crush” is lust and desire for someone else’s smile.  A “celebrity smile crush” is the celebrity smile you would love to have.

Here’s how all of this relates to cosmetic dentistry.  We create beautiful smiles, but not everyone agrees on what makes a beautiful smile.  Enter your “celebrity smile crush!”  Seeing as most of our clients don’t speak in millimeters, shades, and translucency, step vs. no step, and any other cosmetic dental jargon, it’s easier to show us with an example.  And where does one find such an example?  Hollywood!  Celebrity smiles are beyond recognizable and serve as an excellent communication tool for cosmetic dentists and their patients.
There are, of course, limitations, but your “smile crush” at least gives us a hint at what you think of as an attractive smile.  From there, Dr. Dickinson and her team will share their cosmetic dentistry expertise and let you know how that type of smile will look on you.  Between your preferences and our suggestions, we “crush it” every time.
Just for fun, let’s talk about some of the most sought-after celebrity smiles, as well as some of the most requested characteristics.  Jessica Alba and Usher are two of our favorite.  Both of their smiles are well proportioned, straight, white, healthy, and clean.  Those are by far the top five requested ingredients for an A-list smile.
Let us know.  Who do you have a “smile crush” on?  We can make it happen and people just might start “crushing” on you.  It’s good to be loved!
Need help finding a smile to “crush” on?  Check out our cosmetic dentistry before and after smile gallery and look for love.
Contact us today to start your “smile crush” makeover story.