Cosmetic Dentistry is somewhat of a mystery to those outside the dental industry.  Thanks to the internet, people are afforded an overwhelming amount of information regarding cosmetic dentistry.  Some of it is true, some of it false, or for the purpose of this blog ‘lies.’
There are a few ideas surrounding cosmetic dentistry that are simply not true.  Here are the biggies, and the truths behind the lies.
1.  Your teeth will be reduced to nothing
Sure, some dentists may take this route, but it isn’t necessary.  Chicago Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Jessica Emery has attended some of the most prestigious post doc. education institutions that specialize in the art of cosmetic dentistry.  She has the training and experience to avoid practices that would cause unnecessary removal of healthy tooth structure.  We even offer minimal and no-prep veneers for qualified candidates.
2.  All porcelain veneers are megawatt white 
This is where a quality dental lab comes in.  Sugar Fix Dental Loft uses an advanced cosmetic dental lab and works solely with one technician.  This tight relationship ensures preferences are known and craftsmanship is predictable.  The porcelain veneers we deliver are anything but ‘fake looking.’  They’re gorgeous restorations with built in characteristics and translucency to reflect light.  
3.  All porcelain veneers are ‘chicklet’ shaped
Everyone has seen such a tragedy, but please understand it’s not the norm.  A top cosmetic dentist will take everything into consideration to avoid the dreaded ‘chicklet’ smile. Your age, gender, facial structure and personality are just a few of the things accounted for when designing your smile.  
4.  My teeth will forever be sensitive after cosmetic dental treatments
Last time I checked, forever is a VERY long time, and if your teeth are forever sensitive after cosmetic dental treatment, something isn’t right.  In all honestly, sensitivity is a factor, and it varies from patient to patient depending on the case and individual tolerance.  But it will eventually subside.  Your teeth are simply letting you know they’re been worked on and sometimes it takes time for everything to settle down.  
5.  Cosmetic dentistry is expensive
Cosmetic dentistry is an investment.  An investment in your health, your self confidence, your beauty, your professional presentation….  the list goes on.  While there are costs associated with cosmetic dentistry, I’ve heard time and time again that the benefit far exceeds the cost, and most patients wish they had ‘made this investment’ sooner.  Sugar Fix Dental Loft offers several options to help you finance your cosmetic dental treatment and achieve the smile of your dreams.  
I’ve only scratched to surface of truths, lies and cosmetic dentistry.  Before you believe everything the internet tells you, contact a top Chicago Cosmetic Dentist for the real deal.
If you or someone you know is interested in cosmetic dentistry in Chicago, contact Dr. Jessica Emery and the team at Sugar Fix Dental Loft for more information.  We’ll give it to you straight!