Here at Sugar Fix Dental Loft, we are all about breaking the mold and branching out from the norm. We’ve all heard the fashion rule “don’t wear white after Labor Day,” but do we really know why that is? And frankly, who says so? Why are people still taking this age-old adage to heart? If wearing white is associated with summer, then why stop wearing white? Technically, summer isn’t even over until Tuesday, September 23 – the official first day of autumn (bonus points if you call it the Autumnal Equinox).


To be honest, wearing white can be a pain in the butt sometimes. Stains show up so easily. Don’t even get us started when it comes to sipping on red wine. If you learn anything today, remember to never drink red when wearing white. Although, if you happen to spill a little Merlot on your fancy Banana Republic white pea coat, a little Mexican soap miracle cure called Zote works wonders on stains. Take it from someone who has been there, done that.


If donning a white outfit this fall isn’t your thing, there is one way to get around the cardinal fashion sin and still have some white on your person. Teeth can be white all year round. There’s no rule out there saying you cannot wear a set of blazing hot pearly whites after Labor Day. No way, José! Your smile can be white for all seasons and nobody will judge you for not conforming to a so-called “rule” of fashion. If you typically find yourself following tradition, why not break it for once? Go ahead, give it a shot. We think you’ll enjoy the tiny taste of trendy that comes with it.


Dr. Brittany Dickinson of Chicago’s Sugar Fix Dental Loft wants to help you wear white after Labor Day. Her Lakeview practice offers three top-of-the-line whitening treatments. Products include Venus take-home professional whitening system, ZOOM II advanced power in-office whitening, and KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System.


Dr. Dickinson is not only a proponent of wearing white whenever the heck you feel like it, she is also a major believer in white for life. Sugar Fix now offers its patients a Whitening For Life Membership. Upon enrollment you will receive custom, professional take-home whitening trays; three tubes of Venus Professional whitening gel; and one tube of whitening gel will be given twice a year at preventative care visits.


At Sugar Fix Dental Loft, prevention is always preferred to restoration. Why not become a life-long member of a program that not only strives to give you a beautiful smile but a healthy smile too? It’s really a win-win situation, folks. There’s one thing that never goes out of style – a smile. Even VOGUE’s Anna Wintour cannot deny that one. Little orphan Annie said it best, remember: “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.” Why not make the pièce de résistance of your ensemble be a splash of white? The best accessory is genuine, comes from the heart, and radiates from your lips. Call Dr. Dickinson today and discover how you can get away with wearing white after Labor Day.