Many people are aware of sedation dentistry, but we are shocked by how many patients come in thinking that it’s not an option for them. It is such a great option for anyone who needs a little help feeling comfortable with their upcoming appointment, and it’s a lot more accessible than you probably imagine.

In this blog, we’ll go over the three most common myths surrounding modern sedation dentistry:

I’ll Be Totally Knocked Out

This is one that we hear all the time. People do not want to be totally “knocked out” and we completely understand! Not only is it a little scary to not know what’s going on around you, often people have other things to do after their appointment and can’t spend hours and hours recovering from being put under.

Our sedation dentistry technique does not knock you out, you’re just not 100% “with us” during the appointment. If we have to, we can shake you awake, but you will feel like you’re asleep. This does mean you can’t drive yourself home afterward, but you’ll feel relaxed — not groggy or weird.

I’ll Have to Get a Shot

Our sedation dentistry doesn’t use needles! Instead, we use a method called conscious sedation, which is a method of sedation that only requires you to take a series of pills. Dr. Dickinson will prescribe you a medication like Valium or Diazepam, which you will take in the evening before your visit and then again the morning of your appointment.

During your appointment, we’ll give you the final pill and get you all settled in and comfortable. This FDA-approved prescription works well for the majority of our patients and allows them to get through their cleaning or dental treatment with ease!

It’s Only for People With Extreme Anxiety

Some people think if they don’t have an extreme case of anxiety surrounding the dentist, they won’t qualify for sedation dentistry. That’s not the case! It’s a great option for lots of different people, and not just for anxiety. We believe in doing what it takes to make your experience a good one. We don’t reserve that privilege just for the most extreme cases.

For example, it’s great for people with very sensitive teeth or a sensitive gag reflex. In these cases, we like to offer sedation dentistry for their routine cleanings as well. Additionally, people with a fear of the unknown, an aversion to the noise of the equipment, or those who have difficulty getting numb with more traditional methods are all great candidates for sedation.

Do you have questions about whether sedation dentistry is right for you? The Sugar Fix Dental Loft team is standing by waiting to help you! Contact us at (773) 883-1818 to set up an appointment in our Lakeview dental studio.