The new year is just around the corner. By the time you read this, it might already be here, and you know what we think? We think this is the year for you to get the smile you’ve always dreamed about, with the help of Sugar Fix Dental Loft.

We don’t know about you, but each year seems to go by faster and faster for us. Whether it’s our busy schedules or it’s just part of getting older, it seems like life is flying by. Why do you think self care is having such a major moment? It’s our attempt to slow things down and focus on taking care of ourselves despite our busy schedules.

This year, we want you to make sure you take care of yourself — specifically, your smile. We already know that how we feel about our smiles has a direct impact on our confidence and we don’t want you to go another year just “putting up with” a smile that makes you feel less than your most beautiful. 

Here are some ideas to help you fall in love with your smile in 2020:

New Dental Products

Who doesn’t like to do a little shopping? This year, consider heading to the store to upgrade your dental products! New oral care products are hitting the shelves all the time, and these new products do a better job of keeping your teeth happy, healthy, and beautiful.

If you struggle to floss daily, grab some fun CocoFloss or invest in an oral irrigator, aka a water flosser! If you’re tired of your manual toothbrush, why not indulge in a Sonicare? Other fun things to pick up are a tongue scraper, some super cool black charcoal toothpaste, mouthwash, and don’t forget the sugar-free gum. Go ahead and splurge in that oral care aisle! You deserve it.

Sparkly White Teeth

If you’re constantly hiding your smile because you’re self-conscious about the color of your teeth, it’s time to book an appointment for a tooth whitening treatment. Life is WAY too short to worry about whether your teeth are white enough. 

The truth is, surface stains from foods and beverages (or from smoking) can make our smiles appear yellowish. The whitening treatments we offer next door at White Haute Teeth Whitening Bar can get rid of the yellow and get your teeth looking white and bright again. If your teeth are more of a gray tone, the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ system is a better option for you. This system is excellent at removing discoloration due to tetracycline (a popular and widely used antibiotic). 

A Complete Smile Makeover

If you want a celebrity smile in 2020, let’s chat about a complete smile makeover at Sugar Fix Dental Loft. Dr. Dickinson will sit down with you and together, you’ll create a customized plan to get that smile you’ve always dreamed of. Through a combination of cosmetic treatments, you’ll have a picture-perfect smile that you’re ready to share with the world.

The best part? Our office has state-of-the-art digital imaging equipment, which means we can create a ‘trial smile’ for you to try on before we start any of the procedures. You can also see our work over on our gallery page! We think you’ll be amazed at what this new level of confidence can do for every aspect of your life. Scheduling a smile makeover in the new year is a true power move that you’ll never regret. Ever.

Ready to learn more about getting a new smile from Sugar Fix Dental Loft? Just text or call us at (773) 883-1818 to chat with our amazing team! We want to make 2020 your best year yet.