Unless you’re the luckiest person ever, chances are there’s something about your teeth or mouth that you’re self-conscious about. While it’s easy to look at other people and envy their perfect smiles, there’s often a long history of braces, dental work, and whitening products that you can’t see by just looking at them.

When you feel like everyone is looking at your teeth and not really seeing you, it can be hard to put yourself out there. You may find that you cover your mouth with your hand because you hate the way your teeth look. Maybe your smile isn’t as big as you’d like it to be, or you reserve laughter for only the people you feel comfortable around.

No matter how much we’d like to be able to pull all our confidence and self-worth from what’s inside our hearts and minds, our appearance does have an impact on how we feel and sometimes, how others treat us. It would be so wonderful if this weren’t the case, but even a well-meaning comment or suggestion from a loved one can be hurtful.

The Real Impact of a Confident Smile

According to a study done by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, we almost unanimously agree that smiles are important. In fact, 99.% of the people surveyed stated that they believe a nice smile is one of the most important aspects of our appearance, especially in terms of attractiveness. Almost 75% of those surveyed believed a beautiful or confident smile made a positive impact on career success.

If you’re not feeling great about your smile, these numbers can be pretty devastating. However, the good news is there are many easy and very accessible ways to improve your smile and your confidence. Many of the treatments we provide at Sugar Fix Dental Loft can have a huge impact almost instantaneously.

Getting Your Confidence Back

We have seen patients walk through our door feeling seriously down due to an issue with their teeth or a general feeling of embarrassment about their smile. We love working with patients to come up with a plan to get that confident smile back in as few appointments as possible. We don’t want you to wait to enjoy your life… we want you to smile and laugh freely!

Tooth Whitening

So many of our patients ask about ways to get whiter teeth. They’re embarrassed about the effect years of coffee, tea, wine, and especially smoking have had on their smile.

We offer KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ at the Sugar Fix Dental Loft. This is a new whitening procedure that works by restoring your teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen. Then, a whitening gel is applied, and the oxygen in the gel gets absorbed into the tooth, where it works to dissolve stain molecules. By using a combination of in-office and home treatments, you can have a bright white smile in just two weeks!

Same-Day Crowns

A tooth that’s chipped or decayed can have a huge impact on your self-confidence. In the past, getting a crown fitted to address issues like these took several appointments and adjusting to get the fit right. Now, same-day crowns are making everyone’s lives a little bit better.

With our state-of-the-art Cerec machine, we can create a perfectly fitted crown right in our office in a single appointment. Using a high-tech imaging wand, we’ll scan your teeth and use that data and some advanced engineering software to create a custom tooth (or teeth) while you wait. No more second appointment, no more ill-fitting crowns!


Having misaligned teeth is one of the main reasons people choose to hide their smiles from the world. These issues don’t always get corrected when we’re younger, and having metal braces as an adult is hard on self-confidence as well. Invisalign is the perfect option for both kids and adults that want to achieve a straight smile without the look of traditional metal braces.

Invisalign straightens teeth with a series of clear, plastic trays that are designed specifically to fit your mouth. When worn regularly in the proper sequence, they slowly shift your teeth into the correct position.

It can be so easy to let a less-than-perfect smile get in the way of your confident smile. However, it is definitely possible to turn this problem around quickly with the help of our team at Sugar Fix Dental Loft. Want to learn more about the real transformations we have made for our patients in our Chicago office? Head over to our Smile Gallery to see real before and after photos and watch some featured video testimonials! We would love to see you and help you feel your best.