Unless you are a toddler or hockey player, a missing tooth behind your smile is not that endearing. If you find yourself missing teeth from either fracture, accident, infection, or tooth decay, you most likely want to know the best and most long-lasting way to replace them. Older generations might have a removable partial denture.



The removable partial denture is the least expensive form of tooth replacement. However, you get what you paid for as the cons associated with partial dentures far outweigh the pros. You could lose your denture. You could forget to wear it. You could drop it and the next thing you know, someone steps on it and bends the metal out of place. The dog could snatch it! A removable denture simply covers the missing tooth. It does not replace it. Plus, why would you want to deal with something removable when you could have something permanent? Let’s not forget you will have to take it out to eat certain foods. Such a hassle.


You may be wondering, what are my options to replace a missing tooth in the year 2015? So glad you asked! Permanent dental implants are the way to go to replace missing teeth. Chicago’s Sugar Fix Dental Loft offers restorative dentistry. With three visits to Sugar Fix Dental Loft owner, Dr. Brittany Dickinson will have completed the dental implant procedure. You will be all set for (at least) the next twenty years, if not the rest of your life.


If you lose an adult permanent tooth, it only takes two weeks for your teeth to start shifting. A dental implant is the number one solution to replacing that tooth and ensuring your teeth do not shift. The last thing you want is a missing tooth, an obvious gap, and crooked teeth. Better to do something about the problem than nothing. If you don’t act fast, you could end up paying thousands of dollars later in life to get your teeth back to proper alignment. Give Dr. Dickinson at Sugar Fix Dental Loft a call and make an appointment to discuss tooth replacement.


Dental implants are surgically placed inside the jaw. Healthy gums and an adequate amount of bone are imperative to having an implant placed. Dr. Dickinson can assess the state of your oral health in a matter of minutes. After an initial consultation, Dr. Dickinson will have examined your teeth and gums to determine if you are an ideal candidate for implants. If you fit the criteria, the next three steps would be oral surgery, abutment placement, and attaching the replacement tooth. All three steps can be handled by Dr. Dickinson and her team at Sugar Fix Dental Loft.


Call Dr. Dickinson at Sugar Fix Dental Loft today if you have always wanted to replace a missing tooth (or find yourself with a knocked-out tooth from a hardcore game of rugby).