Do you have a missing tooth or teeth? Dental implants are one of the most accessible options for tooth replacement, and even better — they’re VERY reliable. In fact, the success rate of dental implants is 98% and if you’re in the 2% that do experience complications, the issues can generally be corrected very easily.

Many patients express that the idea of getting dental implants makes them feel nervous. Because we’re performing surgery and implanting your new tooth into the gum tissue and jawbone, patients are concerned about the pain level and the safety of the procedure. However, many are surprised at how easy and painless the process is afterward. Here’s a little more information about implants that might help you feel more comfortable, too!

Dental Implants Are Safe

Let’s just start off by saying dental implants are very safe. Oral surgeons performing this procedure are highly trained, and those with dental implant experience know the exact placement and details that lead to a successful and complication-free procedure.

Dr. Brittany Dickinson is an expert and she can let you know if you’re a good candidate for a dental implant, but it’s primarily up to you to take control of your oral health before, right after, and long after having dental implant surgery if you want to be in the 98% of people who have a successful dental implant experience!

Sedation Dentistry is Your BFF

During the procedure, it is common for patients to be given anesthesia to keep everything as pain-free as possible. However, we also offer sedation dentistry for an extra level of comfort. We use a method called conscious sedation and it’s amazing! Dr. Dickinson will prescribe you a medication like Valium or Diazepam. You take one pill in the evening before your visit and one the morning of your appointment.

Once you come in, we make you super comfortable with soft blankets and pillows, and we will give you one last pill right before your treatment. This FDA-approved prescription works well for the majority of our patients and allows them to get through their cleaning or dental treatment with ease!

There will be discomfort as you heal from your procedure, but ice packs, saltwater soaks, and over-the-counter pain relievers can be a huge help as you recover.

Dental Implant Aftercare

After the procedure is when the patient will want to pay extra attention to their general oral health. Many of those who have complications after dental implant placement fail to correctly care for their oral health. Even long after the procedure, failing to care for your oral health can cause problems since a dental implant (just like any other natural tooth in the mouth) cannot thrive in an unhealthy, oral bacteria-filled environment without proper, twice-a-day cleaning.

The last thing one would want is having to have their implant removed or having to have more expensive procedures in the future because they failed to comply with post-surgery instructions or neglected their oral health.

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