Many people have chalky white marks on their teeth, especially on the top front teeth, throughout the beginning portion of the day. So, if you wake up in the morning and notice the color of your teeth is a little splotchy, you are not alone. White spots can be caused by dehydration or, in some cases, the splotches are caused by calcification of tooth enamel. Calcification is what happens when plaque buildup occurs over time and hardens on enamel. If you have this problem you need a professional’s advice on those white spots marking your teeth. Contact Dr. Brittany Dickinson at Sugar Fix Dental Loft in Lakeview today and schedule a consultation. By scheduling a professional cleaning at Chicago’s Sugar Fix Dental Loft, you can even have Dr. Dickinson herself clean and polish your teeth, thus helping to strengthen and protect your precious enamel.  

White marks from dehydration vs. decay

White dehydration marks are not at all dangerous to teeth. Do not jump to conclusions and think the worst. Dehydration is not the same as decay. Tooth decay leads to cavities, which is a much bigger issue than your teeth not being properly hydrated. When you sleep at night, hours pass by (hopefully eight) without any saliva coming into contact with your teeth. Saliva is necessary to keep those teeth hydrated. It contains important minerals that wash over tooth enamel and restore teeth to their natural color. Think about saliva as being a glaze, if you will. A sort of finishing touch that gives teeth their silky smooth surface. 

Don’t worry about a thing

Make an appointment to talk to Dr. Dickinson because you can be confident that she will diagnose what’s causing your white marks and make it right. If you come in for a cleaning with our hygienist you can ask if she thinks that the white marks are from dehydration or something else. If the white marks are signs of dehydration and you drink water during the morning, by lunchtime or even sooner, your teeth will return to their normal shade.  With teeth, the problems caused by not drinking enough water disappear pretty quickly. 

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