You don’t have to look much farther than our name to see that we do things a little bit differently around here. At Sugar Fix Dental Loft, we have fun, we enjoy sweet treats, and we go to great lengths to make sure you have a relaxing and enjoyable experience when you’re with us. None of those things sound like what a “typical” dentist would say, but we believe you deserve a different dental experience.

We could talk all day about the way we do things differently, but we thought we’d turn to our actual patients to help tell the story about what a visit to Sugar Fix looks, feels, and even smells like!

“This is the coziest dentist office you will ever visit. The interior has such a homey feel, and paired with Netflix and a neck pillow… it helps the appointments to just fly on by.”

Whatever we can do to make your time with us cozy and comfortable, we’ll make it happen. Some people even consider their appointment with us to be a nice “break” in an otherwise hectic and stressful day. We’re going to guess not too many other dentists hear that from their patients!

“The accommodations during appointments are unmatched, and I feel Dr. Dickinson is at the forefront of the technology curve for all facets involved in both restorative and cosmetic dentistry.”

Technology is something we really believe in. We invest in the latest and greatest dental tools and equipment so we can get better, faster results for you. Rather than having to come in three times for a crown, we can do it in a single appointment, saving you time and money. 

“You might confuse the dentist for the spa with all of their lovely amenities. I can’t wait to go back in 6 months — which most people do not say about their dentist!”

We hear this all the time! No, we do not think most people are dying to go back to their dentist, but at Sugar Fix, we offer a different dental experience. As a result, our patients love hanging out with us and they’re always so eager to tell us how they feel. 

“They made me feel incredibly comfortable in every way they could, suggesting the use of Nitrous Oxide (not for me) and Valium (yes please). I was able to make it successfully through two long appointments.”

Our needle-free sedation options are awesome and we will always work with you to find the one that fits your needs. We believe it’s important to meet you where you are, rather than forcing you to adapt to a rigid way of doing things. After all, we’re here to serve YOU!

“They explain everything that’s going to happen and always set me up with my favorite Netflix movie, a warm blanket and a spritz of some kind of yummy lavender mist that seriously makes me feel I’m anywhere but a dental office!”

Soothing smells really help some people calm down if they’re feeling anxious, so we always keep lavender essential oil on hand to offer to our patients. We also like to burn luxurious candles in our lobby so when you walk in, you feel like you’ve been instantly transported to a calming oasis. 

“Lip balm was applied before and as needed to avoid chapped lips (SO thoughtful), and a warm neck pillow kept me comfortable and relaxed.”

Here’s something that most dentists don’t take the time to do, but it really does make a big difference! We use a blend of Aquaphor and CB Bigelow, which has a sight lavender or rose scent to it. Even if you don’t have chapped lips, applying this to our patient’s lips when they’re undergoing a longer procedure can really help make them more comfortable. 

We are SO proud of this feedback from our patients. If you want to experience the Sugar Fix Dental Loft difference for yourself, text or call us at (773) 883-1818 to set up an appointment. You can also schedule an appointment online! As a reminder, any unused dental benefits you have remaining must be used up by the end of the calendar year.