If you haven’t spent a lot of time on social media, you might not have noticed that the latest Instagram trend is something a little unexpected. It’s not some new photo filter or dance meme. It’s veneers. Are you surprised? To be honest, we’re a little surprised, but we’re definitely happy to see cosmetic dentistry having a moment!

We thought we’d spend a little time looking into this Instagram trend and see if we can uncover why so many young people are suddenly drawn to veneers!

Celebrity Culture

Instagram is big on celebrity culture. Unlike Facebook, which is mostly for keeping up with your friends and family, Instagram is for following people with enviable million-dollar lifestyles. It’s fun to get a sneak peek into their lives and see what it’s like to live like a celebrity.

In 2019, celebrities are spending their money on veneers. Of course, because they can’t do anything small, they’re spending a lot more money on veneers than you or I would. For example, 15 year old Danielle Bregoli (you know, the girl that said “cash me outside” on Dr. Phil) posted about her $40,000 porcelain veneers on Instagram. While many wouldn’t consider her a “celebrity” in the true sense of the word, she does have 16 million Instagram followers so her influence clearly holds some water.

It doesn’t stop there. Huda Kattan, the woman behind the makeup brand Huda Beauty has also famously posted about her veneers on Instagram. According to “dentist of the stars” Dr. Michael Apa, “It’s almost hard to find an influencer without veneers now.”

The Aesthetic Factor

Another reason veneers might be having a moment on Instagram specifically has to do with what we’re going to call “the aesthetic factor” of the platform. Instagram is a visual media channel more than anything, and having the perfect “aesthetic” is literally how you make a name for yourself on the platform.

Having the perfect smile (thanks to veneers) is definitely one way to do it. With selfies dominating social media, people are more interested than ever before in having a smile they can feel good about. Veneers can get you the smile you’ve always wanted quickly since they can address a number of issues in one go. You can fix cracks, chips, gaps, and discoloration (to name a few) in just three visits to the dentist.

Curious About Veneers?

At Sugar Fix Dental Loft, we can create the smile of your dreams in three easy visits! Dr. Brittany Dickinson will craft your porcelain veneers for both beauty and function. We’ll even create a trial smile for you to wear outside of the office. You’ll get a chance to see how you like it, and ask for feedback from your friends and family before making your final decision!

Our lab creates hand-layered veneers that will make you absolutely love your smile! You can see some of our before and after photos by clicking here or check out our Smile Gallery on Instagram! Ready to learn more? Schedule your consultation to learn how you can benefit from new veneers!