Happy Wednesday, Sugar Fix Fans! Having a broken tooth is the topic of conversation today. And let me tell you, there is never a “great time” for a tooth to break. So we’re here to tell you the lowdown on how to approach this unfortunate event.

If you have a broken tooth and need to see a dentist for an emergency, we have you covered!

Sugar Fix Dental Loft is very flexible and prepared to see patients last minute for when this happens.  With the technology we have today, Dr. Dickinson would only need to see you for about 30 minutes and then the Cerec does the rest!  This visit is very easy and there is a break while the restoration is being made.  Patients love it!

How does a tooth break?

Typically, a fracture of a back tooth is from clenching, grinding, biting the wrong way on something, or decay.  With clenching and grinding, this is usually a pattern and we always try to have our patients in a night guard if that is the case afterward!  Biting down on something too hard and breaking a cusp of a tooth can happen if you have weaker tooth structure.  We always recommend that staying away from things like chewing ice because it causes fractures and breakage. Decay on teeth weakens them and is what we see frequently with breaks.

What to expect at your Sugar Fix Dental Loft visit:

When this happens, please contact us so we can get you in as soon as possible!  During your visit, we will take an x-ray and a photo of the break to evaluate the best restoration for you.  In the case below, a cusp of the tooth broke off and there was a large restoration there currently.  We removed the current restoration and prepped the tooth for a crown.

Broken Tooth / Dr. Jessica Emery / Sugar Fix Dental Loft


This crown is made with a new strong replacement restoration with our Cerec CAD/CAM.  This amazing device is like a 3-D printer for teeth!  It’s very fast and there is no 2-week wait in a temporary.  Dr. Dickinson steps in at the end of the visit, and cements the crown in with a strong cement, and you are done!

Your final result:

An amazing, strong restoration that looks perfect and matches flawlessly. You won’t even believe that you had a break in the first place!

Have a broken tooth, but just haven’t quite gotten in for an appointment? Or maybe you’d like to talk teeth with us! Go ahead and book an appointment with us below!