What the heck is CERVITEC? And why do I want it? 

Over here at The Loft, we get all excited about products that can make our patient’s mouths and lives better.

Allow me to tell you about our newest love affair within dentistry, Cervitec.

This magic little liquid is made of Chlorhexidine (which has forever been the gold standard of professional germ-killing in the mouth) and Thymol (oil of thyme, a proven natural antimicrobial and antibacterial substance. It damages the cell walls of bacteria, this damage inhibits the microorganisms from causing illness, such as gingivitis).

Cervitec is capable of inhibiting the recolonization of bacteria in interdental spaces for a sustained period of time… aka, after I get done cleaning your teeth Cervitec will help keep fighting against the bacteria until our next visit by adhering to your sparkling clean teeth and creating a halo of antimicrobial protection 🙂  Doesn’t that sound awesome!

Cervitec is also a proven DESENSITIZER! So, for you humans out there with sensitive teeth, this is the product for you!  Usually, open dentinal tubules (exposed nerve openings on the surface of the tooth) are the underlying cause of tooth sensitivity. The “hydrodynamic theory of tooth sensitivity” is widely accepted today to explain sensitive teeth. Stimuli, e.g. temperature changes or osmotic activity, elicit pressure changes within the dentin, which lead to an excitation of certain nerves in the tooth are the reason we feel those “zingers”. Cervitec helps by sealing those nerve endings. The desensitizing effect of these products has been tested and confirmed in laboratory tests and clinical trials. You no longer have to suffer!

See? We told you this stuff was awesome!  Who’s the nerd now??

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