Sugar Fix’s Ashley shares pictures of the things she is most thankful for this year!


Happy Thanksgiving!  We at Sugar Fix Dental Loft would like to share with you the things that we are most thankful for this year.

You know Tricia as that beautiful, smiling face that greets you when you arrive at The Loft.  This year, she is most thankful for her family, her friends, and her puppy!

Hannah is Team Sugar Fix’s newest team member and is the wonderful hygienist that completes your cleanings at The Loft. This has been a big year of firsts for her; her first job, her marriage, and moving to a new city!  Hannah said,  “I’m thankful for my family. Even though we are separated by distance, we stay involved in each other’s daily lives with phone calls and Snapchat! I, also, am thankful for family traditions that we enjoy this time of year. My younger sister and I go shopping every Thanksgiving weekend and wear crazy Christmas sweaters!  I’m thankful for my husband. He always makes me feel loved, appreciated, and safe. I couldn’t think of anyone better to explore Chicago with!  Also, I’m thankful to work in a field where I am able to meet so many wonderful, interesting people. Each day is different and exciting thanks to our great patients!”

You’ll often find Ashley working alongside Dr. Emery at The Loft.  This year, she is most thankful for her family, her friends, and her job.
Some of you have not had the chance to meet Lauri, Dr. Emery’s Creative Director.  She does a lot of the “behind the scenes” work for Dr. Emery and for The Loft.  This year, Lauri is most thankful for her incredible family who supports her through all adventures!  She’s also thankful for her 2 wonderful children who are smart, caring, and are turning into exceptional young adults.  Lastly, she is thankful for the many opportunities that have been presented to her professionally.  What a wonderful world!
Lastly, the Commander of the Sugar Fix Dental Loft ship, Dr. Jessica Emery shared what she is most thankful for this year! She said, “I am grateful and blessed for my incredible parents and sisters, husband and kids, friends and amazing team. Life is a gift and I treasure it and live it to the fullest. Health…..Love……Happiness!  I am so thankful for my amazing practice that is full of patients that I adore. I am grateful I get to ‘play’ everyday…..FUN!”
We at Sugar Fix Dental Loft would like to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!  We hope you are surrounded by the things that make you happiest!