This week in the blog, we’re talking all about makeovers- porcelain veneer makeovers!  Who doesn’t love a good makeover? Those scenes in the teen movies where a shy, unnoticed girl transforms into a traffic-stopping stunner are always so much fun! I’m sure we’ve all dreamed of having a similar experience at some point in our lives. 

At Sugar Fix Dental Loft, we get to be on the other side of the makeover all the time! We specialize in cosmetic dentistry because we love the way it can transform people. Not just the way they look, either. 

People feel better when they love their smile, and to us, that’s everything! They share their smile more, they feel more confident in their relationships and in their life in general, and that’s something you just can’t put a dollar amount on. We believe smile makeovers are always worth it. and we believe porcelain veneer makeovers are our fave!

Why Porcelain Veneers Are a Smile Game Changer

Why are porcelain veneers amazing? A few reasons!

They can address a number of issues! 

Rather than a bunch of individual cosmetic procedures, porcelain veneers can fix slight misalignment, discoloration, or teeth that are misshapen, too small, or chipped.

They last a long, long time!

With proper care, your porcelain veneers can last a decade or longer. They look just as sparkly white and beautiful as the day you got them. 

They’re made just for you!

Dr. Dickinson pours every ounce of her training, experience, and artistic vision into creating a smile that perfectly represents YOU. We always make sure you walk out with a smile that looks totally natural… like your smile, but better! 

Check Out These Porcelain Veneer Makeovers!

We are SO proud of these smile makeovers, and we think you’ll be blown away by the transformation!

Porcelain Veneer Makeovers #1

Porcelain Veneer Makeovers #2

Porcelain Veneer Makeovers #3

You can see even more amazing transformations over on our “Smile Gallery” Instagram page!

Want to see what you would look like with a whole new smile? Every porcelain veneer makeover starts with a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Dickinson to determine your smile goals. She’ll let you know what you can expect from the treatment, and if you’re ready to move forward, she’ll get started on a trial smile.

Once it’s ready, you can actually try out your new smile and wear it out into the world for a few days. After trying it out, you can give Dr. Dickinson your feedback and any changes that you would like to make!

Let’s get your makeover started! Schedule your consultation below and we’ll show you how your life can change for the better with a brand new smile!