The Sugar Squad’s Favorite Ice Cream In Chicago



At Sugar Fix Dental Loft, we absolutely love sweets and desserts of all kinds! With summer in full swing, we’ve been out and about taste testing all the top ice cream shops in Chicago. Here’s the list of our top picks!

Kayla: Growing up in the Southside of Chicago, we had the famous Lindy’s Chili/Gertie’s Ice Cream Shop down the block. They have been around Chicago since 1901 and combined the sweet and savory shop together around 1978. This place has a lot of history with its original location still up and running on Archer to this day. It’s one of those places my grandma brought my dad to when he was a kid. There are about 7-8 different locations in the southside/suburbs of Chicago, and at every Gertie’s ice cream shop you can feel the nostalgia when ordering there. This is probably one of the only places I know of where you can still order Boston Soda, a personal favorite of mine. If you are not familiar, a Boston soda is like a float but mixed! They have multiple flavors of Boston sodas, such as green river, pineapple, and black cherry, just to name a few. Their sundaes are HUGE as well. I love their turtle sundae. It’s in those retro tall glasses and covered in caramel. And if you’re not feeling ice cream at all, you can check out their savory menu of chili dogs and burgers!

Gabrielle: I’m a huge fan of Sundae Stop right off the Belmont Red Line. The inside has a cool and unique buildout that looks like a CTA train car, but the best part is that there’s something for everyone there. There are many flavors and even better yet, they have a ton of vegan options that are still delightful and delicious. Everything is made in-house and you can taste the love and passion they put into it! They’ve even got edible cookie dough bites for people who prefer to get their sugar fix a different way.  My favorite thing on the menu is the Ube ice cream with a vanilla waffle cone. It’s perfect for those toasty days when you’re strolling around Lakeview East and the rich purple color makes for some awesome photo ops. I can’t recommend Sundae Stop enough, their staff always makes you feel so welcome and always have great suggestions if you’re feeling stumped on what you should try next!

Andrea: If you haven’t tried Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, you NEED to. Jeni’s started as a small local ice cream shop in Columbus, OH where the focus was on creating really great ice cream, without the synthetic flavors, dyes, or mixes. With now seven locations around the city of Chicago, Jeni’s has been spreading across the country like wildfire, and rightly so! Flavors range from cinnamon roll skillet to raspberry jelly donut to brandied banana brulee, so everyone can find their cup of tea. My all-time favorite has to be the brambleberry crisp, 10/10, highly recommended. Aside from all of the delicious flavors, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream has the freshest and most sparkling atmosphere of any ice cream shop you can imagine. The major attention to detail and experience is what reminds us of Sugar Fix and we always feel right at home. You can even subscribe to their pint club to enjoy it regularly from the comfort of your own couch – to get your sugar fix whenever it strikes!

Marissa: As a kid going out for ice cream was always a treat, but going to Margie’s Candies for ice cream…now that was an experience. First, a little historical background on the Chicago staple. Margie’s has been around since 1921 (she’s seen a lot). The original Margie’s is located on Western Ave in what’s now known as Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood. Margie’s, originally named Security Sweet Shop, was founded by Peter George Poulos and was passed down to his son George, who in 1933, renamed the shop in honor of his wife Margie whom he met at the sweet shop as a youngster (how cute right?!). When George passed, Margie took full control of the shop and later passed it on to their son Peter who now runs the shop presently. At Margie’s, you can find some of the best homemade candies including just about anything you can think of hand-dipped in chocolate, and some of the best ice cream I have ever had. With their extensive sundae, milkshake, and specialty menu they make it nearly impossible to have just one favorite item. I however am a big fan of the popular Turtle Sundae as well as the Brownie A La Mode. Not only are they full of deliciousness but the portions are GINORMOUS!! Not kidding when I say that one sundae can probably feed three people although I doubt that after the first few delectable spoonfuls that you would want to share with anyone. But aside from having some of the best ice cream and candies in all of Chicago, its added appeal is the great atmosphere. The shop’s original decor and trademark features such as the old-fashioned booths with mini jukeboxes make you feel like you have been transported back in time. Although I am confident when I say that you will love Margie’s just as much as I do, don’t take my word for it. Go and see for yourself all the wonderful things Margie’s has to offer and you will understand why it has become such a beloved and iconic location in Chicago!

Dr. Brittany: I love the unique flavors at Frio Gelato! This Argentinean spot has the classics for those who want a tried and true flavour, as well as some adventurous ones for those of us who are up for anything! My favourite is the Mascarpone con Frambuesa (mascarpone cheese with a raspberry swirl!). Don’t forget to try their take on an ice cream sandwich- The Alfa-lato!