Post by Tricia Pajac.

Have you ever thought about growing older and when your own kids will have to care for you as you age?

Sadly, there are often adult children that forget about the adults that raised them. Parents deserve the same care as they age.

Seniors might need help with certain things; oral health care is a huge factor that attributes to other medical illnesses.

It is very important to make sure they are keeping up with regular dental cleanings and care.

A great idea would be to make it a regularly scheduled event to go to the dentist together. That way you are maintaining each other’s oral health and getting to spend some time with one another.

Everyone knows what a challenge it is to train someone to get into a good habit, and sometimes you can’t control it if your parent needs an extraction or was a month past due for their regular 6-month dental check-up. They need to understand, just like you need to understand, how important it is.

Whether your parent is sick or healthy, it is always a good idea to have someone double checking they are taking care of themselves for all medical check-ups. Yes, they might get angry about it and say they are fine on their own, but deep down they know that you are doing it because you care about them and love them.