Hello, everyone!

My goodness, what a summer it has been in this amazing city! The squad over at Sugar Fix Dental Loft have been SO busy making smiles brighter and soaking up the sun.

We had such an amazing shoot for our new marketing campaigns. It was such a fun filled day hanging out at Low Res Studios, shaking and moving to get in so many looks. Take a look below!



The team also got together to raise awareness on Alzeheimers, as it is very close and dear to The Doctor’s heart. The Sugar Fix Squad loves to join in with our Chicago community to raise money to help cure such an awful disease.

And to top it all off, our Sugar Fix site got a lovely upgrade! We are always on top of the newest and greatest technology, so we apologize for the tooth fairy dust around the site, we were hard at work creating some wonderful things! You are now able to request an appointment time to sit down with The Doctor for a consultation or cleaning. We love to meet new smiling faces, so go ahead and click below if you’d like to talk teeth with us!

So please go ahead, look around, and tell us what your think!

Can’t wait to hear from you all!


Until next time,


The Sugar Squad