Sugar Fix Dental Loft has a fabulous neighbor who does fabulous hair!  Diagonal to our office is the beautiful salon Sin-Qua-Non that has some of the best colorist and stylists in Chicago.  I have always been really nervous to get my hair done in the city.  Failed attempts around Chicago left me hopeless to finding a colorist who would listen to what I wanted and deliver.  After the two hour drive to the suburbs to see my favorite colorist and then back to the city, I knew I couldn’t do the drive anymore, it was time for a change.  Knowing that The Doctor has gone to them in the past and she loves the convenience of them being so close to the office, I decided it was time to make an appointment.

Upon arrival, I was greeted and offered a list of beverages to select while I waited.  They had an amazing raspberry and cucumber flavored water out that was so delicious on a hot summer day!  The waiting area was very trendy, with all of their brightly color decor and matching product bottles underneath (including Bumble and Bumble, my favorite!).  I waited for just a few minutes and was taken back early, which was a great time saver!

Ava was the colorist who took me back.  I told her all about my past history and how difficult it was to find a colorist who knew what I wanted.  She got straight to work with a blend of blondes and lowlights while chatting and discussing favorite Chicago rooftops to go over the summer, she was so great! We were done before I knew it and it took much less time than I thought, I was out in an hour and a half for a full color touch-up and highlight/lowlight!

I was so happy with the gorgeous final results and low maintenance color that looks amazing!!