Our love for Dental Hygiene Nation has stretched so far over the past few years! You’ve probably seen us flaunt their super cute apparel and accessories. If you’re in the dental field, this company is a MUST for you!

Dental Hygiene Nation was founded at West Virginia University in Caitlyn Rastetter’s little apartment. She was only a Sophomore in Dental Hygiene school! How awesome is that? She was so excited about her future career and wanted to follow her sister’s footsteps in the dental world, so starting something else wasn’t even on her mind.  She started a Twitter handle, @dthyproblems, as a fun little thing and began tweeting everything she heard through her classmate’s complaints and the problems they were encountering in dental hygiene school.

One thing turned into another, and now tooth lovers all over have access to, comfy, but cute scrubs and loungewear. Dental Hygiene Nation hated wearing baggy scrubs that didn’t fit correctly or was just tired of being asked if they were nurses. So they created super comfy scrubs that broke the average mold! And added a cute little tooth to it!

Not only to that have the cutest clothing, hello adorable scrubs and fun loungewear, but they are also about reminding you to Be The Gold Tooth! Take time for yourself. It’s okay to take a step back and let yourself grow. May that be physically or emotionally, whatever you need to work on, do so. First and foremost you have to take care of yourself. And that is what their new Be The Gold Tooth campaign is all about! To be your best self! In your personal life and in your career.

They set out to visit different dental hygiene conventions and hygiene board events. They are always there to encourage soon to be dental hygienists. Their blog is an awesome place to go for advice on how to prepare for their tests and they provide an amazing community for these students to lean on one another.

But in the end, they are making the dental world FUN! Bringing in funny little sayings to helping celebrate different holidays while keeping it dental to putting on your best lazy day wear but keeping it cute.

In the end, we will continue to support this amazing company and the women behind it! They represent amazing work ethic, girl power, and creativity that we stand behind!

So thank you, Dental Hygiene Nation, for always having some of the cutest gear a dental babe could have! <3

Until next time,