We love them with all of our hearts and know them better than most others do, so why is it such a task to think of a Mother’s Day gift for the leading lady in our lives?  If your mom is like mine, she probably says things like, “Oh, I don’t need anything,” or, “I’ll just be happy to spend time with you.”  While these are true testaments to how amazing moms are, we know that it’s important to show them just how incredible and appreciated they really are!


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I was fortunate enough to give my mother a tour of Sugar Fix Dental Loft when she was in Chicago for a visit!


Does your mom have a smile that can light up a room? Do you think this is something that she desires? It seems that many moms are focused on others, whether it be a spouse, sibling, or her children!  What would happen to her confidence if the focus was placed on her own happiness and health for a change?



Perhaps your mom would be interested in having a brighter, whiter smile this summer?  Zoom Whitening makes a wonderful gift for any special person in our lives!  Does your mom complain of older fillings or crowns that are broken down and dated?  If so, then perhaps you should consider scheduling a cosmetic consultation for her so that she may discuss her options! If your mom is still seeing her old-school dentist, then she would certainly enjoy a day of pampering at a New Patient Appointment here at Sugar Fix!  Netflix, Bose noise-canceling headphones, and essential oils will surely give mom the spa-like treatment that she deserves!


Ultimately, we want our moms to be happy and healthy! To schedule an appointment for your #1 fan, please give us a call today.



Thanks for reading, hope to see you soon,


Hannah, RDH