What a great week at Sugar Fix!  Definitely feeling the fall this week, we hope the rain holds out over the first October week for us to enjoy it!

Last weekend was a great weekend with perfect weather for Dr. Emery and her family to enjoy the Walk to end Alzheimer’s.  The event was along the lake at Montrose Harbor and has an amazing turn out!  Dr. Emery and Ashley volunteered while Andrew and the kids were there to support the cause as a family.  Check out their day below!

Alzheimer's walk

Family time at the ALZ walk


Alzheimer's walk

Dr. Emery showing her support!

We had a great celebration day at Sugar Fix when our patient finished her Invisalign and Propel Treatment!  She had straight teeth in 30 days!  Just three days per aligner and had an Invisalign Express 10 case!  The results are great, and that patient said that the time flew by so fast that she was done before she knew it.  Traditionally, it would have taken about five months to complete the Invisalign Express treatment, however, instead of two weeks per tray, it was only 3 days!

straight teeth in 30 days

Invisalign & Propel Treatment in 30 days!

Her before pictures are very typical of a lot of our patients.  Several of them have had orthodontics as a young adult and have lost their retainers or their lingual bars have popped off.  As a result,  teeth start to drift inward and become crowded.  You can see on the before and after photos that the lower crowding and the upper front teeth cross over is fixed and looks great, especially after her gorgeous whitening!  This does not make for easy cleaning and usually are patients are not happy with the appearance.  For both reasons, we suggest the “quick-fix” at Sugar Fix of Invisalign and Propel treatment!

Stay tuned to more quick fix’s with Propel and our blog next week!


The Sugar Fix Team xo