Hey, SFDL fans! It’s Hannah here, and today I’m going to tell you all about my recent vacation in Spain! I am soooo lucky that all of us on the team are treated so well and allowed to take our vacation time. My husband, Bradley, and I absolutely love traveling and want to experience as much of this amazing world as possible before we have kiddos (years down the road). We decided to book our summer trip to Spain because one of our best friends, Greg, lives in Valencia (Spain’s 3rd largest city behind Madrid and Barcelona). The pictures I took on my iPhone cannot capture the entire beauty of Spain, but they will have to do!


All smiles after Maria made us paella (traditional dish of Valencia)!

During our 16-day adventure, we visited Valencia, Peñíscola, Toledo, Segovia, Madrid, and Granada. It’s nearly impossible to pick a favorite destination in Spain, BUT I was absolutely blown away by the Alcázar de Segovia because it is said to be one of the inspirations for Disney’s iconic castle logo!


Bradley and I enjoying the amazing view of the Alcázar de Segovia!

How many Sugar Fix fans are also Game of Thrones fans??? I have to admit that Bradley and I are *slightly* obsessed with this HBO series, so I acted like a total GOT geek when we visited the Castillo de Peñíscola. This incredible castle served as the home of many scenes in Meereen during filming for season 6! “Winter is coming!”


Just looking for dragons outside the Castillo de Peñíscola.

Honestly, I could talk about this trip forever and ever, but I don’t want to make you too jealous! 🙂 Believe it or not, I was very eager to return to Chicago to be reunited with my coworkers here at Sugar Fix Dental Loft, and I can’t wait to see you all at your next hygiene recall appointments! Thanks for reading!


Love Bradley’s churro smile in Madrid!