Many of us are in unhappy work environments. Being miserable at work is becoming all too common. Instead of looking forward to heading into the office every day, we find ourselves dreading it. We lose sight of success. Some of us lack basic motivation to get out of bed in the morning.

We know that another boring day in the office is in store for us, so why bother getting a jump start to the day? Hitting snooze on the alarm is now the norm; not the contingency plan. Toxic work environments lead to despondent demeanors and our smile is the first thing to go missing. How do we get it back?


Either at home or at work, sit back and think about what makes you smile, no matter how bad your situation may be. What genuinely gives you moments of pure joy while navigating through another tough day at your desk? It could be discovering that someone you admire and respect sees potential in you (while your boss is oblivious to your skills and work ethic). It could be seeing light at the end of the tunnel when a position opens up that you’ve been waiting for, thus giving you hope that there is something better for you within your company. For many of you, bringing in a new client after putting in weeks of back-and-forth phone calls or emails validates your purpose and reminds you that yes, you are good at what you do.


Putting a smile on your face can make a huge difference in how your colleagues perceive you. And if a coworker knows you very well, faking it won’t cut it. They will see right through the forced grin and know something is bugging you. It might be that you are screaming out for attention: Look at me! I am not happy here. Please rescue me. Save me from my horrible boss! However, that kind of thought process can backfire on you. Be positive; not pessimistic. Try for cheerful; not cynical. An authority figure you are dying to work for is not going to want a Debbie Downer on their team.


Find yourself applying and then interviewing for a new job? Go you! Let your upbeat personality out of its cage and impress that hiring manager with a megawatt smile and enthusiastic attitude. While prepping for your career makeover, why not visit Sugar Fix Dental Loft and learn about Dr. Brittany Dickinson’s passion for making over patient’s smiles?


Sugar Fix Dental Loft offers smile makeovers at its Lakeview location. Dr. Dickinson will examine your teeth and recommend one or more treatments to transform your smile into something you can proudly show off to your new employer. A healthy mouth is as important as your smile’s appearance. Dr. Brittany Dickinson and her team will evaluate the condition of your teeth, gums, bite, and jaw structure before commencing treatment. Confidence is hard to exude when frowning. Nobody should have to deal with a toxic work environment. Similarly, nobody should have to live with poor oral hygiene.


An attractive smile can help improve your life in many ways, starting with the trajectory of your career. Employers will want to work with a person who is smiling and optimistic. On the flip side, supervisors will avoid someone who has negativity radiating from their skin. Find your dream job and be voted “best smile” at the office. To learn more about a smile makeover, contact our Chicago dental loft today.