In today’s celebrity-obsessed world, it’s hard (very hard) not to feel insecure about ourselves when it comes to our physical appearance. We feel we have to live up to some sort of idealistic standard of what we should look like and that feeling is exhausting.

With the media throwing insecurities in our faces left and right, all day long, we are bombarded with distractions that prevent us from living our lives to the fullest. Aiming for unrealistic perfection is a waste of time. Wouldn’t you agree?


One of the biggest insecurities people suffer from is the state of their smile. Well. Chicago’s Sugar Fix Dental Loft is proud to say that Dr. Brittany Dickinson and her team have recently returned from a continuing education course in Six Month Smiles – the cosmetic clear fixed braces alternative for adults. Hallelujah! If you have crowding or crooked teeth (or both)… this cosmetic improvement plan will work wonders for you.


Straight teeth in six months? Where was this system when I was in grade school? I can’t even tell you how many teeth I had pulled at the dentist in order to prepare me for years of traditional metal braces. The only plus side is when you got to choose the new color for your rubber bands at an orthodontist checkup. The color combination of your rubber bands may seem cool when you are 13 years old, but for someone in their 50s? Not so much. Also, for anyone over the age of 21 and living in the real world as an adult, the idea of wearing traditional metal braces for two to four years is so not appealing. That’s where Six Month Smiles swoops in to save the day.


Using clear brackets and wires that treat only the teeth that are visible when you smile, Six Month Smiles improves the appearance of your teeth with discreet treatment. You could even play a game with friends and family to see how long it takes them to notice the clear hardware strategically cemented on your teeth. Who knows? Maybe by the time someone notices the tooth-colored archwire and Lucid-Lok® brackets, your teeth will have completely moved into proper alignment and you’ll have an appointment with Dr. Dickinson to have the hardware permanently removed.


Whether your chief complaint is a slight overbite, crowding, crooked teeth, spaces in wrong places, misshapen teeth, or Madonna-esqe gaps, Six Month Smiles will have you complaining no more. Who wants to live their life never receiving a compliment about their teeth or smile?


Don’t want a mouth full of metal? Neither do we! Call Sugar Fix Dental Loft today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Dickinson and learn about the clear alternative to braces. You no longer need to feel embarrassed about your teeth. In the amount of time it takes for your half birthday to come around (there’s always a reason to celebrate your birthday!) you could be the proud owner of a stellar set of straight teeth with Six Month Smiles. What are you waiting for?