It’s wedding season!

This spring, for white wedding gowns, there is nothing better than stunning white teeth for a beautiful bride.

Photos are memories that last forever and everyone wants to remember their smile being perfect.

It also isn’t a bad idea to bring it up to the bridal party if you want everyone to have pearly whites for the big day.

The wedding pictures will be around forever and so will the smile of everyone in the pictures.

What do we recommend?

There are a few whitening options.

For quick and amazing results you can choose ZOOM whitening. This in-office visit takes about 2 hours and you leave with stunning white teeth.

The results last a very long time and there is an option for touch-up trays if you want to boost the whitening over time.

If you have deep, dark staining, KOR whitening might be recommended to be used. This treatment can be lengthy.

If you want to spread the whitening over time, you can always do take-home trays.

Any decision will bring out your best white smile and great memories to share with friends and family.