Hey Sugar Fix Fans!


Do any of you have veneers or are you interested in getting them?   We can not stress enough how important it is to wear a nightguard to protect your veneers!  Protecting your investment is key if you are considering this amazing smile makeover procedure.


Now more than ever, almost everyone needs a night guard.  With or without cosmetic work, it is such a smile-saver!  Nightguards help us from grinding down our teeth when we clench or grind in our sleep.  The “deprogrammer” type of night guard props your mouth open as well so that your jaws are even more relaxed by the daytime.  Sometimes, it can be hard to get used to, but we promise, after a few months it becomes impossible to live without one!


You might not realize it unless you really think about it, but technology coupled with our busy lives and schedules keep our thoughts firing as we go to sleep,  so much so that we carry it in our jaws more than ever!


To recognize this and be proactive at a younger age will help you so much in the long run!  Broken teeth, root canals, and implants are not something most people enjoy having done and this is why we want to suggest night guards at any sign of wear patterns starting.


Below is a very young patient of ours who had eight veneers placed at a previous office and was never told to wear a nightguard.  As you can see from the way her bite comes together, she has completely taken out her gorgeous investment.  This would most likely not be the issue if she had worn a nightguard that would have prevented her from clenching or grinding her teeth at night.


Protect your investment!

Spending even more money on something that was recently done at the age of 26 is not something that sounds great after going through the procedure already.


Word to the wise-  always wear a nightguard if you have dental work done and please call us if you think you might need one!  The Sugar Fix team is VERY happy to educate you & to give you all of the information you need to protect your smile investment!


We hope you have an AWESOME weekend!


Love, xoxo

Team Sugar Fix