As everyone knows, we love photography!  We use it every day to capture picture-perfect amazing smiles all around Chicago and while traveling!  We post all of our cute and creative smiles on social media for all of our wonderful followers to see on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook to catch up with the Sugar Fix Dental Loft team and her life as a dentist and mom of 3!  It is important for her to capture all of her dental achievements as well as her special “mommy moments”.  She has a lot of fun with all of the gadgets, attachments, and filters for the iPhone now that can really make pictures so creative and unique.

At the office, we use photography every day for teeth too!  We have a 70D Canon camera that takes stunning high-quality photos.  We were able to work with the Smile Stylist team on improving our shots to make them picture perfect!  All of the different settings and lighting options really make a difference when trying to communicate to a patient what we see.  Our camera has a macro zoom lens and ring flash to really get all of the detail of our patient’s photos.

Picture perfect at Sugar Fix

Say “Sugar Fix”!


Here are some examples of the photos we take at the office:

AACD photo series

Photo series!

Every patient gets a photo series at our office that shows their smile and teeth so we can monitor any changes over time or to discuss any cosmetic options they may want to pursue.

Besides Sugar Fix taking pictures, we also have an amazing videographer who gets the Sugar Fix action shots!  Phillipe is so creative and always delivers exactly what The Doctor is trying to get across, it’s truly amazing!

To check out The Doctor’s pictures, follow us on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.  To see Phillipe’s amazing video, head back over to our website!

Love always,

Team Sugar Fix xoxo