End of week wrap up


On this bitterly cold week January week, we cranked the fireplace up at The Loft and got to work!


We had a great consult on Tuesday with a patient that had veneers placed on her upper teeth and now would like to do her lowers.  After evaluation, the best way to fix the lowers would be to correct the positioning of her teeth with Invisalign.  Once her teeth are in alignment, we could then proceed with veneers, as long as the patient & the team are in agreement that they are necessary.  The patient is very excited to get started on her Invisalign treatment!


An established patient of ours spent an afternoon here at The Loft while we made 5 cerec restorations in all four of her quadrants. We can do this for patients that wish to have all of their work done in one day with GREAT results!  Our patient was very happy when she left The Loft with her new restorations!


We took impressions for a full mouth rehab case.  The results will not only look amazing but will also get our patient out of pain and help her mouth chew and function better. This case will involve restoring 10 teeth on top and bottom.  Once the front is restored, posterior implants will be placed.


One of our patients that just finished all of her necessary work on her posterior teeth with cerecs has decided to look at her smile cosmetically. We decided that Invisalign on her lower teeth to correct crowding would be the best option. After that, ZOOM whitening and four veneers on her upper teeth will make her smile absolutely gorgeous!


One patient of ours had a crown done while overseas several years ago.  Because it was old, she decided it was time to get a new, matching crown.  That was her New Year’s present to herself!  We are sending it to our lab for custom shading and a flawless match; before and afters to follow!


This week, several patients completed AMAZING reviews online for Sugar Fix Dental Loft.  We are so humbled by this because not only did these patients trust us with their dental care but afterward took time out of their busy lives to write those reviews!  Please know we read each and every review.  We strive to earn your confidence and trust and we sincerely appreciate our patients writing reviews to let us all know how we’re doing!  (Sharing love is something that means so much to us!!)


Stay tuned for our blog on our latest book review, “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson.  You’ll also learn what book has been chosen for the team to read in February.


We truly hope you all had a great week!


Stay tuned,

Team Sugar Fix