Is innovative dental treatment important to you?  If so, laser dentistry would be perfect for you!  Laser dentistry has been around for approximately 26 years.  Lasers were introduced into the world of dentistry in 1990 and finally received FDA approval in 1997.  Since then laser dentistry has become more mainstream in the dental world but is still considered to be an elite service offered by high-end dentists.  Dr. Brittany Dickinson and Sugar Fix Dental Loft have been offering laser dental services for quite some time.  Laser dentistry has a wide range of applications including but not limited to laser bacterial reduction, laser-assisted periodontal therapy, cosmetic gingival re-contouring, ulcer treatment, and tooth whitening.

How Do Lasers Work?

Laser stands for  Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.  The wavelength of the light produced determines what type of tissue will be affected by the laser.  The light that falls on the visible and infrared area of the light spectrum are able to be absorbed into the tissue and the bloodstream.  This means lasers are perfect for soft tissue treatment. By integrating lasers into dental treatments, patients experience faster healing time, less pain, and a better long-term prognosis for the overall health of their mouths.

Dr. Brittany Dickinson and her hygienist are certified to perform numerous dental laser procedures in order to provide you with cutting-edge treatment. Sugar Fix Dental Loft strives to deliver their patients care that is beyond their expectations!

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