Hey Everyone!!  It’s Tricia, and I am a Clinical Coordinator at one of Chicago’s finest dental practices, Sugar Fix Dental Loft.  I have worked in the dental field for 10 years now and have found that no matter where I am or what I am doing, I always find some way to sneak in a conversation about teeth!  I love all things related to oral health; ranging from toothbrushes, toothpaste, rinses, whiteners you name it, I enjoy testing it and trying out all of it!  


When I got the opportunity to test out Keeko Oil, I was so excited!  I had gotten into the oil pulling trend a few years ago when I bought organic coconut oil from my grocery store.  I loved all the benefits I received from it, so I continued to do it without really loving the process of it.  So, when my Keeko Oil package arrived I was thrilled to start my two-week session.  From the start of opening the package, I was so happy that I felt like I was getting a quality product.  The simple, easy to open, sleek, white pouches made me even more excited to get started!  


Once you get your first Keeko package you will know exactly what I mean!  There are 14 individual sealed packages (within each larger pouch) that are so simple and convenient to use.  The appearance of the package also says a lot about the product it contains inside. With Keeko pouches, there is no need to dirty a spoon anymore from scooping out your coconut oil out of the glass jar.  You simply tear open the one-time use package and begin your Keeko session!


Just like most men and women, we have our daily routines for the morning and the evening.  We find ourselves making excuses to NOT do something that benefits us because we do not have the time.  Just like most things in life, if you want to see and feel results, you’ve got to work Keeko into your daily routine.  Personally, I found that implementing my Keeko routine while I showered was the most convenient for me.  The texture and consistency of Keeko Oil were by far amazing!  It is not as thick as traditional coconut oil and made me feel like I was swishing with water compared to most other coconut oils.


For those of you “previous oil-pullers” you will totally understand what I mean about the difference between Keeko Oil and traditional coconut oil from a jar.  For those of you that don’t oil-pull yet, well… you will just have to give Keeko a try!  The taste was amazing!  The package I received to try was “Sweet Sensation” and THAT IT WAS!  I can’t wait to try the “Morning Mint” for my next session of Keeko.  Now to the best part- the results!




I bet you can imagine since I work in a dental office that I do have pretty white teeth.  That is true, but there is always room for improvement on achieving a whiter, more natural smile.  After the first 4 days of using my oil, I noticed that my mouth felt cleaner and that my teeth were starting to appear more white!  I couldn’t believe it myself, but a co-worker said to me, “Your teeth are so shiny and white,” and THAT was just after 4 days!!  I was thrilled!!  


I couldn’t wait to see what other benefits I would get out of this product.  I do not have bad acne or troublesome skin, but I noticed my face almost having a well-hydrated glow.  I can only imagine what this can do for people who do have skin conditions or dry skin.  After using Keeko Oil for two weeks, I felt more energized.  Our mouths are truly the gateway to our bodies; my personal and honest experiment in trying Keeko Oil can show you the real results of a great oral health routine combined with oil pulling can have plenty of benefits for our bodies.  By “swishing and spitting”  we actually expel all that bacteria that was in our mouths.  The benefits of this product are endless.



I would love to extend a special thank you to Sabrina over at Keeko Oil for giving me the chance to try out such a wonderful product.  If you have any questions about my experience, give me a call at Sugar Fix.  If you’d like to know more about Keeko Oil, check out their website at https://www.keekooil.com/  I’d LOVE to hear any of your oil-pulling stories as well!


Until next time, happy oil-pulling!

Love, Tricia