You’ve probably seen Sugar Fix Dental Loft advertisements on El platforms and public buses throughout Chicago.  You may have seen our videos online.  What you may not know is how involved we are in creating these advertisements.

The process of creating them begins with a vision and inspiration board.  My staff and I pull ideas from magazines, the internet, and everything that inspires us.  We sleep on it and change the board by adding or deleting things that we want to convey in the ad.

Print ads are then created in conjunction with a graphic designer, who helps bring to life the Sugar Fix Dental Loft advertisements you see around Chicago.

One-half of Sugar Fix Dental Loft is dedicated to creativity – with a full photo/ video studio, so we can film and do shoots on the fly.

For larger productions, our photo and video shoots go the whole nine yards, and actually feel like a professional Hollywood production right here in Chicago!  I scout locations ahead of time.  A stylist (wardrobe professional) is brought in, sometimes involving between 5-10 outfit changes for me!  A hair and make-up artist is on set the entire day, along with full staff for the production.  Food and drink caterers are brought in.

The day of the shoot is a fun, creative, whirlwind day.  We barely take time to get a drink or use the washroom; the day just creatively flies by!

We’ve definitely created a different kind of dentistry here!  To be directly involved with all the creative aspects of the business allows me to feel personally fulfilled.  I love polishing our creative ventures.