Picture this: The world is finally opening up and slowly but surely, masks are coming off! Turns out, this is becoming truer than you think! Isn’t it time to start showing off that smile you’ve been dreaming of?  Although there are many options out there right now for straightening your teeth, at Sugar Fix, the perfect combination of Invisalign aligners and Propel treatment, that smile may come closer and faster than you think! 


Invisalign aligners are clear aligners that apply pressure to certain areas of your teeth to help movement. These aligners are customized to you and they will fit quite snug against your teeth. They are hardly noticeable because they are clear. That’s one of the best perks! They’re also comfortable to wear and easy to clean so they don’t really interfere with your normal daily activities. You can wear them in meetings, to big events, giving a presentation, and you can even whiten them on! The key to the success of your teeth to straighten out with Invisalign is your compliance. 22 hours a day/7 days a week, switching aligners out every two weeks. It sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Depending on how busy your lifestyle is, it definitely can be. Most Invisalign treatments can vary depending on how much movement we are making with your teeth. It can be as short as 6 months but as long as 12-18 months or even longer!  But with Propel accelerator treatment you can cut that time almost in half! You can be switching out aligners every FOUR DAYS!


What is Propel?

Propel is a separate process that works for faster movement of your teeth while in your Invisalign treatment. It is a one-step treatment that will last about 6 months. At Sugar Fix, normally it is done the same day you start your Invisalign. The cool thing about Propel is that it can be started at any time of your Invisalign treatment if you were not interested in starting it at the beginning and can even be done on regular bracket braces as well!

We use a slow and fairly quiet handpiece to create “dental dimples” into the gum tissue. The more scientific name would be, Micro Osteo Perforation, or MOPs for short! 

These MOPs or dental dimples we create are a developed technique to help accelerate the rate of orthodontic movement. The dental dimples activate the cells around the ligaments of the tooth and almost act as an inflammatory response. The bone around the tooth temporarily becomes a little less dense, so the teeth can move more easily and freely! 

The location of where these dimples are placed is based on how much movement we want to make to the specific tooth or teeth. Depending on the amount of movement we are doing, some areas may require more than one dimple. 

Typically this process takes about 45 minutes. We evaluate the areas that need more movement and get you numb with a local anesthetic. Once you are feeling numb, that is when we will start your Propel treatment. 


What is the aftercare with Propel?

There is really no recovery time needed after getting this Propel treatment done! Your mouth might be slightly sensitive or sore just from the injections but it will go away in a day or two. It’s extremely important that you don’t take anti-inflammatory pain medication like Aspirin or Ibuprofen. Tylenol can be used but not frequently. Inflammation is a good thing in this case since the inflammatory response is how Propel works its magic to speed up your orthodontic treatment. We also recommend avoiding any spicy or citrus foods for about a week as Propel is still a wound but to the tissue. Eating something along those lines can be painful and feel a bit stingy.  Swish around with warm salt water for about a week to help keep the dental dimples clean. With proper aftercare from your Propel treatment, and compliance with your Invisalign aligners, you can see your teeth start their movement quickly and you can start switching out aligners after 4 days!


Being located in Windy City Chicago, we understand the hustle and bustle that our patients experience from day to day. This is why Sugar Fix implemented this kind of treatment for the busiest of people. Your future smile should not be delayed just because of your schedule! You deserve the smile you are proud of! If you are looking for an amazing Chicago dentist that can perform orthodontic treatment in a fraction of the time, then look no further. Dr. Brittany Dickinson and the team are VERY excited to have you in our office and can’t wait for the fast track to the smile of your dreams!