The weekend is almost here! Yay!


This means Valentine’s Day is also almost here! Of course, here at Sugar Fix, we love, LOVE! Team Sugar Fix shared our love this week by hand-delivering “Thank You” Valentine’s cards and chocolates to local businesses that we feature on our website. We love what they do and love what they bring to our neighborhood and the Lakeview community.

Gifts for Valentine's day to our business community

Valentine’s day gifts from Sugar Fix



This week was extremely beneficial in that there was a lot of team-building time. We were able to really implement all of the knowledge we received from the Blatchford Seminars/ continuing education 1/28-1/29 and 2/4-2/5.  The team worked diligently to format the information and we are pumped for next week! Let’s Go, Team!

Our featured case was actually completed on February 3, 2016. This is another tremendous Cerec restoration case that went off without a hitch.  Our patient was seen for treatment on the right side of his mouth. It was ideal to work on both the upper and lower teeth at the same appointment so that we could make them perfectly fit with one another. This patient had old silver fillings, which most of us do, that had broken down. Bacteria had entered cracks in the tooth around the old fillings causing tooth decay.

Before and after of Cerec Design

BEFORE-old silver filling and AFTER of cerec designed filling

The process was really rather simple. we removed the old silver fillings, any cracks associated with it, and of course the decay around the filling. After the “prep” was established, clinical partners Ashley and Nicole scanned the teeth using a camera that captured the tooth’s image and formatted it into a 3D model. From this model the girls design inlays/ onlays/ crowns that fit perfectly into the patient’s prep. This information is sent to our in-house milling unit that creates the restoration on an average of 8 minutes per tooth. Time depends on the material selected. Cerec’s incredible software makes dentistry so efficient and the quality is far superior. It also saves the patient time and they don’t have to wear any type of “temporary”.

The ceramic restorations are then bonded into or on the natural tooth giving it the highest strength with the most gorgeous esthetics. We restored 6 teeth altogether and the results were beautiful.


Enjoy your loved ones this weekend! Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️❤️❤️


xx- Team Sugar Fix