Happy Black Friday Sugar Fix Fans!

We hope anyone shopping today in stores or on-line today the best of luck!  Although buying gifts for family and friends for the upcoming holiday is what is on your mind, we think it’s time to invest in yourself, give yourself a gift this year!  Here at Sugar Fix, we would love to invite you in for any whitening treatments to spruce up your smile before the holidays!  We can also schedule a consultation with The Doctorif you have had any cosmetic treatment or other concerns on your mind.  This upcoming year should be about you!!  Whether you want a perfect smile or are concerned with other issues on your back teeth, these are all things we would love to discuss and educate you on!

For whitening, we have either Zoom or KOR whitening treatments:

What is best for you?

  • Zoom is our one and done whitening system that will make you 2-6 shades lighter in 1 visit!
  • KOR is great for anyone who has sensitivity or has whitened in the past and would like better results

As far as the consultation with The Doctor, we would love you to think about your smile and your teeth.  Are you happy with your smile?  Do you have areas of sensitivity you would like resolved?  Do you grind your teeth at night or have clicking of the jaw?

  • A cosmetic consultation with The Doctorwill evaluate your front teeth that are of concern to you and develop a treatment plan to address your wants and needs with a new smile!
  • Areas of sensitivity can be addressed at your cleaning and with The Doctor‘s exam.  There is a variety of methods to address these areas, we can always discuss these and address them to relieve you of any pain!
  • Grinding your teeth at night or clenching can destroy your teeth over time.  This is definitely something to address at every visit and take care of sooner than later to protect your teeth and joints!

Please let us know if you have any questions or anything you would like give yourself a gift this holiday season!


The Sugar Fix Team, xoxo