You might know that we offer KöR Whitening at Sugar Fix Dental Loft, but did you know we also offer GLO Whitening Treatment? GLO is a super-effective in-office option that will give you a beautiful (and healthy!) white smile. If you’ve been feeling like your smile could shine a little brighter, we would love to show you how GLO can make you more confident almost instantly.

All About the In-Office GLO Whitening Treatment

You may have heard the name GLO before. It stands for Guided Light Optics, and it combines mild heat and light technology to achieve really astonishing results that last longer than other whitening treatments or products on the market.

When you want a bright, white smile, it’s time to make an appointment! Don’t waste your money on drugstore whitening options that A) won’t work and B) could cause painful tooth sensitivity. When you visit your dentist for an in-office GLO whitening treatment, you’ll get professional quality service which means your whitest smile ever in under an hour with ZERO pain.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

First, we’ll apply a balm to your lips so they won’t get dry and uncomfortable during the procedure. Then, we’ll ask you to open wide and we’ll put a retractor in your mouth to keep it open and to keep your lips off your teeth during the treatment.

Next, we’ll apply a barrier gel to your gums, and then the whitening gel gets applied with something that looks like a little syringe. Finally, we’ll place the GLO mouthpiece over your teeth and flash the patented blue light for eight minutes. That’s when the magic happens. We’ll repeat this process three more times, and that’s it. You’re all done!

Shine Brighter Today!

Whether you’re about to get married, go on that super important job interview, blind date, or photo shoot, you need a smile that’s going to stop people in their tracks. GLO is trusted by thousands of dental practices like ours, and once you experience it for yourself, you will see why.

Now is the perfect time to schedule your appointment for a GLO treatment! The team at Sugar Fix Dental Loft is passionate about smile makeovers, and there’s really nothing like the transformation that comes with a sparkling white smile. Contact us to set up an appointment in our Lakeview dental studio!

We hope to see you soon!