TGIF everyone! What a great week we had at Sugar Fix!


We had a busy opening to the week going non-stop taking care of restoring patient smiles with Cerec.



Thursday Team Sugar Fix joined other dentists and their teams at a continuing education 2-day seminar called, “Blatchford Dynamo.”   This is an intensive 2-day course where various aspects of owning a dental practice are discussed.



Dr. Blatchford & his daughter Christina have coached dentists throughout the world. An interesting aspect is that Blatchford Solutions only accepts 50 dentists to work with, so it’s a pretty exclusive group of top-level dentists that we get to be in the company of.



We have a new dental team member. Her name is Nicole Schilling and we are THRILLED to have her join our team! She brings great past experience to The Loft combined with a genuine passion for patient happiness & comfort.  See if you can spot her in photos on any of our social media outlets in the days to come!



Next week we start our week off with our monthly 4×4 meeting along with our next book club book. Stay tuned for our book review sometime in the month of February. Then fully packed days seeing patients the rest of the week.


Hope you have a fantastic weekend…



Team Sugar Fix