Post by Tricia Pajac.

Most parents have a first aid kit that they travel with all the time, whether it is to the park or to a double header for a traveling baseball game for their kids.

I want to write about a kit with necessary items for dental emergencies. When playing sports and being outdoors over the summer, a good dental emergency kit can make a huge difference so you are prepared when accidents happen.

If a child’s whole tooth is knocked out:

The number one thing to do is put that tooth directly into milk. So parents, while you are packing up the flip flops, juice boxes, and sandwiches make sure to fill a container of milk and put that in the cooler too, just in case.

If your child’s orthodontic brackets break:

Broken brackets can be easily fixed by adding just a little dental wax to your first aid kit.

Dental floss:

Everyone caries dental floss with them when they travel, but this is another very important part of a health kit. Dental floss has so many different uses and should be carried with you at all times. This is a small item that can easily be stored.

Most people do not know how important taking care of your teeth outside of the morning and the evening is. These are just a few simple tips to get you through those summer or winter activities.