National Doughnut Day? That sure makes the Sugar Fix Squad smile!

We got our sugar fix this morning when the girls of Sugar Fix Dental Loft indulged in some tasty Dinkel’s doughnuts. That’s a treat we’re always up for! But always one thing to remember is to brush right after. That sugar can bury itself into your enamel and cause sugar bugs! Aka decay.

We love to get our Sugar Fix!

We had a great week here at The Loft! Dr. Alli Alberts was able to help one of our patients whose wisdom teeth were giving him some discomfort.

We have four wisdom teeth located in our mouth. They are the teeth that are the very farthest back in all four quadrants of our mouth. Some may erupt, meaning that they can pop through our gum tissue, and some may stay underneath. We recommend getting your wisdom teeth removed, and here are a few reasons why:

  • They can start to cause discomfort. Your tissue may start to become irritated once they pop through our gum tissue.
  • Your wisdom teeth are the farthest teeth in your mouth, so it may become hard to brush them! That can end in a result in having decay build up on those teeth.
  • When your wisdom teeth start to come in, they need room to wiggle in to! Your other teeth will then shift forward, causing crowding and unalignment.

If you’re unsure if you need your wisdom teeth to come out, do not hesitate to give us a call to set up a consultation.

The Loft also had a patient this week that was starting his Invisalign treatment! Hooray! He had never had braces before but decided to make an investment to pursue his new, perfect smile! Our patient got the amazing Propel service completed before trying in his first Invisalign tray. This is an AWESOME procedure that accelerates your treatment time and cuts it in HALF. Meaning, you could be treatment planned to do an entire year in your Invisalign trays, but with Propel, you could go down to only 6 months. Yes, PLEASE!

That’s all for this week! Go out, enjoy that superb weather in the city and we will see you again next week!


With Love,


The Sugar Squad


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