If you are due for a dental cleaning, Sugar Fix Dental Loft will be your favorite new spot in Lakeview!

From the moment you walk in the door, you will see why Sugar Fix Dental Loft will be your new favorite dental home!  Our space is filled with our favorite Voluspa candles that always have a calming aroma and patients always love them too!  Nicole will offer you our extensive list of beverages for you to choose and enjoy while we prepare for your visit!

Dental Cleaning Lakeview Sugar Fix Dental Loft

Tea time anyone?

Our hygienist will take you back to get your dental cleaning and offer you our great amenities, all listed below!

Netflix and Bose headphones:

One of our many favorite perks is having our patients choose what they want to watch on Netflix and completely tune out and relax.  There is nothing better than coming in after work or after the kids are off to school than just getting time to yourself!  Our headphones are Bose noise-canceling and will make your experience with us definitely one to remember!


We offer warm neck pillows that are very relaxing and de-stress your entire upper back!  They are lightly scented with a lovely magnolia or gardenia essential oil that soothes the senses and will remind you of a warm spring day, even in December!   We also have round pillows that are extra comfy under your knees or are good support for your lower back.


We have either cashmere throws if you just want something to cover your legs, or we have large wool quilts if you are really cold and need the extra layers!  Both are great options for our patients and we can grab one at any time of your appointment if it gets chilly!


We always have lavender scents floating around Sugar Fix!  It is very calming for our patients and they love the scent during their cleanings and any treatments with Dr. Brittany Dickinson.  If you have any scent preferences, we have hundreds of others to choose from as well!

Mophie Charger:

No matter what time of day, it always seems like battery life is low at the worst times!  If you are ever in need of some juice, let us know!  We have both iPhone and Android chargers available at all times and you can still keep your phone with you with a Mophie charger pack!

At the end of your visit, Callie will go over any areas of concern with you and with Dr. Dickinson.  She will also recommend any necessary products to use in between cleanings to help you maintain a healthy smile!


If this sounds perfect to you for a dental cleaning visit, please give us a call and we would be happy to set you up for your one-of-a-kind “dental spa” experience!!