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At the Loft, we had a patient who came in for a cosmetic consultation; our case of the week!! She was interested in learning what she could do with her “gummy” smile.  The upper arch of her teeth sits lower and more forward than most maxillary arches, showing more gum tissue.  As far as dentistry goes, there is a surgery called crown lengthening that could be done to remove some gum tissue and add length to the teeth.  We would, then, place veneers to try to minimize the gum tissue that shows in her smile after the surgery.  The patient wanted to know if there were any less invasive options to try first.  We suggested for the shade of her teeth, to do the Zoom whitening treatment to enhance the color.  We, then, advised her that she should have a consultation for upper lip BOTOX to limit the mobility of her upper lip.  This way, when she smiles, her upper lip will not pull up over the teeth to show her gums as much.  She was very happy with this more conservative approach to achieve a smile she will love!


Step 1, Zoom Whitening!

We ended the week with some team time!  We are always looking for ways to improve our services and to help our patients in any way possible.  We just finished reading Legendary Service by Ken Blanchard, and the next one up is The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon!

Sugar Fix Book Club

Book Club!



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