Vision Board for a future Sugar Fix project!

There was no easing into the week after Thanksgiving at The Loft, we were in full swing beginning at 8 am Monday morning!


Cerec cerec cerec!



We completed 20 cerec restorations this week!  Several patients are using their insurance benefits up before the end of the year. We have worked hard to accommodate them and so they can maximize their benefits.


The restorations are perfect little porcelain masterpieces and patients have been very happy with them!


We also had one ZOOM whitening patient that was a repeat customer!  This patient has had whitening done before but wanted a refresher before the holidays. The results are a great white smile for holiday photos and parties.


Several patients are finishing their Invisalign treatments this month; Essix retainers are being made left and right to hold their teeth in place to make sure the teeth do not relapse!  We’ve also had several new patients begin their Invisalign treatment this week.


We hope you have a fantastic weekend!!